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MostBet is one of the most popular gaming platforms that combines sports betting and online casinos. And like all major platforms, it has long acquired its own applications. It is available for a lot of countries, regions, and has dozens of different localizations. Today the focus of the review is the MostBet application. We will look at what advantages the program provides to players, and how the process of working with it differs from playing through a website or mobile version. We will also study all the features registration at MostBet.

Why install the MostBet application

Before you decide to download the Mostbet app, you need to understand why you need it in the first place.

The mobile application allows you to:

  • Place bets on sports literally in one click;
  • use all possibilities MostBet casino;
  • use coupons, promotional codes, free bets, free spins and other bonuses;
  • bypass any blocks if your provider restricts access to the site;
  • always promptly check new products live, place bets on time (a smartphone, unlike a desktop, is always at hand);
  • manage the “chosen ones”.

It also has:

  • responsive interface;
  • performance that allows you to receive a response faster than the browser version, which is especially valuable for playing live.

Features of the MostBet application

The MostBet application has a lot of functionality. With it you can:

  • place bets on sports;
  • play in a casino;
  • use MostBet bonuses;
  • contact support;
  • switch between line and live (which is not available in all bookmaker mobile applications);
  • bet on all sports available on the platform (there are no restrictions for the application, which is also rare);
  • use all payment systems to withdraw funds or replenish your account.

The new version of the application differs from the old one at least in that live has now been added. Yes, previously this was the only limitation. In the very first versions, slots were also not available, but the developers quickly sorted out the problem. There are no restrictions in this version.

Accordingly, from a functional point of view, the MostBet application is, in principle, no different from the official website. The only difference is that, according to bettors’ reviews, the mobile application works noticeably faster.

MostBet app for iOS

Let's move on to analyzing the program itself. Let's start with the application for Apple users.

Features iOS apps

Developer Mostbet
Version 2.10
Size 55.4 mb
Required Software iOS 11 or higher and MacOS 11 or higher
Price For free
Age restrictions 17+

Where, how to download and install the application on iOS

You can download the MostBet application in two ways. Either through the AppStore mentioned above, or through the official website of the project.

For the second option, you need to go to the website and select the appropriate download icon in the upper left corner.

Downloading MostBet app
The button is located in the upper left corner of the site

You will be greeted by the corresponding menu, where the developers will give brief installation instructions. Brief, because the installation itself only takes a minute.

MostBet App
Links to download applications for Android and IOS

Please note that downloading directly from the store is only available in a few regions.

And if your country is not on this list, which specifically applies to Pakistan, then you need to temporarily change the region in your Apple account to a suitable one. For example, Azerbaijan or Armenia. After this, the download will be available. All you have to do is download Mostbet to your phone through the Apple store. After downloading, the installation of the application will automatically start.

No further action is necessary, the icon will appear on your display. Click and proceed to registration. By the way, the mobile application is updated independently.

Registration via iOS app

The registration form in the mobile application is no different from the one presented on the website. All the same methods.

MostBet Registration
One-click registration on the site
  • in one click – the fastest;
  • by phone – the most common one, the code is sent to your phone, enter it immediately via push notification;
  • by email – the same system, but we confirm the account via email;
  • via a social network – you need to have a logged in account on one of the social networks.

Bonuses in the iOS app

There are no bonuses directly for bettors through the application. Previously, Mostbet held a promotion that gave a bonus for installation, but it has been suspended for now. On the other hand, everyone else MostBet bonuses are available in full, and there are a fair number of them in the project.

Bonuses in the MostBet app
Mega Cashback Bonus

For example, like this, cashback for every deposit. It’s nice and useful, plus cashback perfectly insures your bets against loss.

Bonuses on the MostBet website
Bonus examples

There are many bonuses, you can get acquainted with them specifically in the corresponding section of the application.

How to top up your account via the iOS app

To top up your account, you need to fill out information in your account. After this, you can attach one of the payment systems. This is not possible with an empty account. Replenishment is available in a variety of ways: mobile banking, online payment systems, cryptocurrency, bank cards, wire transfers, and so on. There are no commissions from the bookmaker itself.

How to place a bet in the iOS application

Just like on the website, you need to open the “Sports” section, select the appropriate sport, event, and study the odds. You can sort events both by sport categories and by popularity.

Sports betting at MostBet
Sports betting with MostBet

And then choose the size and type of bet or use a freebet coupon. In live, the system is exactly the same, you just need to go to the “Sports” section and to the “Live” category.

Pros and cons of the application on iOS

The phone app is available for free and is functional up to the full capabilities of the site. If you are looking for the major highlights of the advantages, then:

  • fast speed;
  • all functionality;
  • use of bonuses;
  • easy account management;
  • prompt replenishment.

There are virtually no downsides, if you do not take into account problems with downloading in some regions. But we have already explained how to solve them. Plus, the application for iOS weighs significantly more than its brother – Android, to which we are now moving.

MostBet app for Android

Downloading Mostbet on Android is both easier and more difficult than on iOS. But more on that a little later, first we’ll also go over the characteristics.

Features of Android apps

Developer Mostbet
Version 5.8.3
Size 22.5 mb
Required software Android 5.0 or higher
Price For free
Age restrictions 18+

Where, how to download and install the application on Android

You cannot download Mostbet for Android from the official store. But you won’t have to bother with changing the region in your Apple account either. To download, in any case, you will need to go to the official website.

As a result, we download the file as an .apk. There are two options here: either you download the file to your computer or laptop and then transfer it to your phone, or you immediately visit the mobile version of the site from your smartphone. The second option, as you understand, is simpler.

apk file
File for installing the MostBet application

After that, all we have to do is run the executable file on the phone, it will carry out the entire installation itself. You just need to give him permission to make changes. That's it, the application is installed.

Remember that you can download MostBet on Android for free. If any partner site demands money from you for downloading, then you are on a fake resource. Leave him immediately. Don't put the file on download.

Registration via Android app

The system remains unchanged.

Registration in the MostBet mobile application

All the same four types: through a social network, mail, telephone and in one click. We will not describe each of the points again.

Bonuses in the Android application

Bonuses in the MostBet application for Android are available in the same amount as in the analogue for iOS or on the official website. Again, there is currently no special bonus for downloading the app. Maybe it will be resumed in the future, maybe not anymore. This was a marketing campaign designed to attract attention to the program. But now 80% of the platform’s bettors already use it.

The rest of the set of bonuses, both for sports betting and for casinos, is available in the “Promotions and Bonuses” section. Actually, do not forget that through the mobile application you can not only use MostBet bonuses, but also activate promotional codes that you will find from partners or in the telegram channel.

How to top up your account through the Android app

The procedure is the same: through your personal account we open the “replenishment” or “withdrawal” of funds. You can also simply click on the wallet icon or the amount of funds directly at the top of the interface. All payment systems from the original website are available.

How to place a bet in an Android application

Using the same method, go to the “Sports” section. There we select the “Live”, “Line” or “TOP” category. The last option is a set of the most popular events at the moment, regardless of time and type of sport. We select the event that interests us, click on it, determine the type of bet and confirm our decision.

Pros and cons of the application on Android

Considering the pros and cons of the MostBet application for Android separately is unnecessary. As we have already identified the main advantages compared to analogues:

  • functional;
  • speed;
  • extended capabilities;
  • bonuses;
  • replenishment

However, the differences between the Android and iOS versions are minor. Although it still exists. The Android version is lighter and installs faster. But at the same time it is slightly inferior in speed. It remains just as convenient, but no longer outperforms the site. Again, there are no downsides, unless you start to openly find fault. For example, what needs to be downloaded from the official website, and not from the store.

The Android version, like its iOS counterpart, is the best mobile betting application on the Pakistani market at the moment.

Mobile version of the Mostbet website

Mostbet is a mobile platform, the developers have emphasized this more than once. The site has long become more of an addition; the majority of players visit the bookmaker from smartphones. Therefore, in addition to applications, the company has also prepared a mobile version.

What is it and how to get access

The mobile version of the site is an adapted official website template for users on mobile devices. That is, when visiting from a smartphone, non-adapted sites may display content incorrectly, categories extend beyond the screen, text stretches, and so on.

To avoid such inconveniences, developers use mobile versions. You can access them in the same way as the official website. Moreover, when visiting a resource from a mobile device, the server will immediately detect this and therefore will give you the mobile version directly in your browser. In other words, when you access the site from your phone, you are already on the mobile version.

Features of the functionality of the mobile version of the site

The mobile version does not require downloading as an application. This is the same official website with all that it implies.

Here you can visit your personal account, go through the registration procedure, use bonuses and promotional codes. And most importantly, place bets on sports or play in a casino. To place bets, simply go to the section, select the sport, bet format and event.

handicap and total for sporting events at the bookmaker
Choice of form and example of Asian total

The system functions in exactly the same way in live.

Bet on a football match
Bet on the Tigre-Rosario Sengral football match

You also have access to gambling in online casinos. You will find the corresponding section next to the “Line” and “Live” categories.

MostBet Online Casino
Online casino in the MostBet app

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds are available through the mobile version; for this, use your personal account. In it you can write a letter to technical support or contact them in live chat.

Registration and login to the MostBet mobile site

Registration works on the same principles.

Registration on the mobile version of the MostBet website
Registration via social networks on the site

All four options are available. Only with a small exception: built-in promotional codes are often not displayed in the mobile version. Perhaps this is a technical bug, or maybe this is what the developers intended.

How to download and install MostBet on Windows PC

This bookmaker does not have a separate desktop application (although it used to exist). Alas, the developers decided to abandon this idea, because simpler methods of working with a PC have appeared.

This is a browser with a built-in VPN and a special bookmark.

By browser the company itself means Opera.

VPN for MostBet site
VPN settings on the MostBet website

Mostbet recommends installing this option for uninterrupted access to the site.

The second method is bookmarking. A special “live” link in the office, which will allow you to quickly access the resource, bypassing any blocking.

MostBet bookmark in the browser
Add a bookmark and the site will always be available

It turns out no worse than through the desktop program. Just go to the “Bypassing Blocks” section. Pick up a “live” bookmark with your mouse and drag it to the bookmarks bar.

Reviews of MostBet mobile applications

To summarize the review, let's see what bettors who have already tried its capabilities say about the application.

Largely MostBet reviews purely positive. Like, for example, these ones.

Review from 11/28/22
Example of review for MostBet casino

Users generally respond positively to the casino category in the application. Perhaps it works faster or is simply more popular.

There are also comments about improvements.

Review from 02.11.22
Cricket Cup Betting Review

This bettor is unhappy that the cricket cup was not included in the list of events. By the way, it's true, MostBet is not famous for the widest line among all bookmakers.

But here the player is dissatisfied with the fact that he incorrectly interpreted the terms of the bonus program.

Review dated October 4, 2022
An example of feedback when the user was incorrectly familiar with the bonus system

Therefore, we recommend that you always read the full description, and not just the title in a nutshell. But again, the average rating on most review sites for the application is around 9 out of 10 or 4.5 out of 5.


Is it possible to download MostBet on Windows?

No, the project does not currently have an application for Windows, but there is an analogue in the form of a “live bookmark”.

Is there a separate mobile application for MostBet casino?

No, MostBet applications combine both a sports betting section and an online casino at once.

Is there a difference in the odds on the MostBet website and in the app?

No, the odds are completely identical. This also applies to the speed of changes in live odds.

Is MostBet available in the AppStore?

Yes, but the application is not available in all regions. If it is not available for your country, simply change the region in your Apple account settings to Azerbaijan or Armenia. And after downloading, change it back.

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